70 years of expertise for your home’s well

Ingram Equipment provides new installation and service of residential wells. Homeowners are encouraged to have their well checked every year to avoid costly repairs or loss of water.

Affordable Repairs

An annual inspection will identify problems before they become an expensive repair.

Electricity Bills

Homeowners often seek professional service only after they receive a huge electricity bill.

Durable Equipment

Today’s well equipment is designed to give years of service. Most premature failures are the result of poor maintenance, neglect or improper installation.

Safe Drinking Water

Water quality issues can become health issues. Having your well water tested can give you peace of mind that your drinking water is safe.

Call Ingram Equipment today at 559-734-3362 to sign up for the annual maintenance plan.

Ingram Equipment is pleased to offer a Residential Well Service Maintenance Plan for just $32 per month.

10% discount on parts and service
Yearly preventative maintenance
Annual water quality testing
Yearly well sanitizing
Free Minor repairs
Extended coverage on all parts (2 years)
FREE service calls
Call us for details, 559-734-3362
No emergency service charges(Any time 6:30 a.m. to midnight; 30 minutes or less)

Residential Services

New installation, including plumbing and electrical
Galvanized and bladder tanks
Escrow service
Water quality testing
Pump/system efficiency testing
Well system repairs
An annual inspection

Residential Services

Well decontamination
Booster pumps
Control boxes
Submersible pumps
Water storage tank systems
Well abandonment
Water filtration